Undergraduate Teaching

In 1994, the College of Life Sciences was formally established. Since then, the college has grown extraordinarily fast. It has been considered as an elite undergraduate college in China. There are three departments; Biology, Biotechnology and Ecology, with nearly 800 undergraduate students and over 1000 graduate students at present. The college holds two national training bases for biological and biotechnogical talents, three field-practice educational bases and a national representative Center of Biology Experimental Teaching.

The College of Life Sciences is also the Pilot college for education reform. In 2011, College of Life Sciences has been chosen by Ministry of Education as one of the seventeen colleges in China to develop innovative programs for cultivation of talents. It aims to further the reform of Colleges and Universities regarding to the existing systems and institutional mechanisms, to promote reform in undergraduate admissions, curriculums, faculty recruitment and promotions and institutional governing systems. Since then, the College of Life Sciences at Sichuan University has done a great deal of reform and achieved significant progress including opening the Green Pass to college admissions and talent recruitment.

Undergraduate Courses