Brief Intro

The College of Life Sciences at Sichuan University celebrated its 90 years of history in 2014. At early stage, some world-known biological scientists and educators, including Taixuan Zhou, Chongshu Qian, Wenpei Fang and Kechang Yong were the leaders to contribute significantly for the development of life sciences in the university.

The College of Life Sciences has a fleet of world-class faculties including one academician, four full time national "Thousand-talent" professors, two Changjiang Scholars, three "Thousand-talent" Youth and two national Outstanding Youth. At present, the college has 42 professors, 35 associate professors and 5 foreign faculty members.

The college of Life Sciences has strong research programs covering from microorganisms, plants, animals, human diseases and ecology. There are two national key disciplines: Plant Sciences and Genetics. There are a national key laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Education of China; two "985" platforms; nine state key laboratories supported by Sichuan Province; seven research centers and institutes.

The Botanical Specimen Museum and Zoological Specimen Museum are two nationally recognized museums. Founded by Professor Chongshu Qian in 1935 and further developed by Prof. Wenpei Fang, the botanical specimen museum holds more than 800, 000 specimens. The zoological specimen museum has a collection of more than 120, 000 specimens, considered to be the most abundant in the southwestern China and one of the best in China.