Talent Recruitement

The College of Life Sciences at Sichuan University is determined to further develop into a leading institution of life sciences in China. There are four priorities of research areas.

  • The diversity and mechanism of gene resources, including the occurrence, development and molecular mechanism of species, varieties, high incidence of diseases;

  • Genetic variation and functional mechanisms, using modern molecular and genetic methods to resolve the variation in the traits (e.g., yield, resistance,diseases, etc.), and identify key genes involved;

  • Translational research, including efficient and sustainable use of genetic resources products (such as plant, microbial secondary metabolites, etc.), new drug development, new varieties of plants and animals,and new methods for detecting disease-associated gene mutations;

  • Ecological protection of rare and precious gene resources in western China.

We sincerely invite established professionals and talented youth to apply for our talent-recruitment program. We believe that our glorious future is ahead of us.